Vinyl Rock Classics

Welcome to Vinyl Classics, an exclusive feature here on The East LA Revue Internet Jukebox. The sound quality from vinyl records has a deep and richer tone, as well as high fidelity. A better listening experience. The genres that we present will include Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, and Latin Sounds. The selected titles will be from our music library and reflect an individual’s preference.

Rock & Roll is a style or genre of music that developed in the USA during the 1940s and 1950s with its roots in Rhythm and Blues. It was referred to as “race music” and had limited broadcasting time on television and radio in the early days. Also referred to as R&R, it had a fast dance rhythm and a distinctive backbeat. And as it spread throughout the world and specifically in Great Britian and in Europe, it developed into a broader sense and was then and still called “Rock Music”.

We hope that you enjoy these records that we selected from our collection, for your listening pleasure. We are proud of our team’s technical and recording personnel. We always give our best effort to record these records and provide the best sound and fidelity that is available. Please enjoy.

Enjoy the Vinyl Rock Playlist