DJ Steven Chavez

Hello. This is Steven Chavez with plenty of music and musical history to share with the whole world. I am the co-founder of The East LA Revue Internet Radio and started our world-wide internet music platform in 2007. We have been broad banding music every second since then. We are proud to share our rich musical heritage with the world. The Mexican American communities have contributed so much to music, specifically the Rhythm and Blues and Rock & Roll genres. I have a vast collection of records, and other formats of music. I love all types of music and will play them here for you. I grew-up in the 1960s and it seems that is where my musical heart is. I am a Veteran. God bless us all.

Here, on this internet radio station we have the chance to feature and share so much music. Music that filled the homes and neighborhoods from the East Coast to the West. There is something for everyone. Check us out.

Steve Chavez East LA Revue
Steven serving his country @19
Steve Chavez and Lalo Guerrero East LA Revue
Steven Chavez and Lalo Guerrero
Steven and Janie Chavez East LA Revue
Steven and Janie

Steven’s Playlist