Mark Guerrero’s “Chicano Music Chronicles” Audio and “East L.A. Music Stories” Video Podcasts

Mark Guerrero East LA Revue Band

“Chicano Music Chronicles” on Mark Guerrero Radio spotlights Chicano, East L.A. and related artists and their music. Each show features the hits and best known songs by the guest artist, as well as songs Mark selects that are his personal favorites. Mark interviews the featured artists about their career and the stories behind the creation of their songs.

Mark Guerrero began playing in rock & roll bands at age 12. He led the popular East Los Angeles band Mark & the Escorts, who recorded two singles for GNP Crescendo Records. Mark has also recorded as a solo artist for Ode Records (produced by rock & roll hall of famer Lou Adler) and Capitol Records, and with his group Tango, for A&M Records. His songs have been recorded by artists such as Herb Alpert, Trini Lopez, Chan Romero, his late father, the “Father of Chicano Music,” Lalo Guerrero, and East L.A. “Eastside Sound” artists Geree Gonzalez, The Heartbreakers, and Andy Tesso and the Rockers. Mark has performed on stage with Redbone, Eric Burdon, Ry Cooder, El Chicano, Tierra, Cannibal & the Headhunters Band, Denny Laine, Lalo Guerrero, and many others. As a Chicano and East L.A. music historian, Mark has written over a hundred articles, been a guest on numerous radio and television programs, consulted for museums, spoken at universities, and hosts his own website,

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Mark Guerrero’s “Chicano Music Chronicles” Podcasts

“East L.A. Music Stories” is a Zoom video show on YouTube which features Mark interviewing artists who have emerged from or have a history connected with East L.A.

Anthony Baray of The Emeralds

Bobby Rodriguez

Little Willie G


George Ochoa of Yaqui

Lawrence Perez of The Premiers

Sal Murillo of The Blendells

Chan Romero

Bobby Avila

Ramon “Lil Ray” Jimenez

Art Brambila

Hank Barrio of Elijah

Tom Bray of Elijah

Bobby & Joey Delgado of The Delgado Brothers

Eddie Delgado of The Ambertones

Max Uballez of The Romancers

Orlando Zamora of The Sportsmen

Mike Aversa of Mickey & the Invaders

Jack D’Amore of The Emeralds

Danny Diaz of the Showmen / Chico

Ernie Hernandez of Mark & the Escorts / Tango

John Valenzuela of Tango

Fred Rivera Musician/ Author

Joe Espinoza of the Village Callers / Chico

Art Sanchez of Yaqui

George Delgado of The Premiers

Ruben Guaderrama of The Blazers

Nancy Sanchez of Las Chorizeras

Quetzal Flores of Quetzal

Martha Gonzalez of Quetzal

Willie Loya of Califas

Benny Lopez of Thee Midniters

Irma “Cui Cui” Rangel of Califas

The Counts

Bobby Navarrete of Tierra & The Midniters

Larry Rendon of Thee Midniters

Frank Mezquita from the Blue Satins