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Welcome to another show here on the East LA Revue Internet Radio. Tom Morin has a lot of information to pass on, regarding the music from the featured artists on this “Musical Routes – Rhythm and Blues #2” show.
Tom’s second show includes music by The Coasters with “Down in Mexico, Riot in Cell Block #9, Searchin’, Little Egypt, Smokey Joe’s Café”; Maxine Brown with “All in my Mind, Funny, I Need You So, Secret of Loving, Baby Cakes”;  Randy Garibay with “Anything to be in Texas, Cabeza, Fender Bender, Still Singing the Blues, To the Bone”; The Four Tops with “Still Waters (Peace) and Still Waters (Love)”; Ramon “Lil Ray” Jimenez “I Who Have Nothing”: The Dramatics “In The Rain”: and Gene & Eunice with  “Poco Loco”.
We thank you for logging-on and checking out the “Musical Routes – Rhythm & Blues Show” with Tom Morin. Please check out the other DJ shows and special features here on this music site. We hope you enjoyed the show and what-every you do . . . . don’t forget to tell your family and friends that Chicanismo for the masses can also be found at the East LA Revue Internet Radio, where everyone is welcome and  where time and space surrender themselves to your precious memories and imagination. Happy Trails to you and yours. Peace. Recording Time 1h 8m 57s

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