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Greetings and Welcome to the East LA Internet Radio station with Roberto “El Beto-man” Tijerina. Check it out!
In our installment of CHICANO HIGHLITES, El Beto-Man welcomes you to tune-In to the life struggle testimonial of Teresa “Terry” Espinoza, A Chicana out of Corona, Califas. Listen to her life journey with Christian music, a career as a Nurse, and the Calling of educating herself as a Preacher, Pastor, & Minister, in the Good Word of God. Terry’s life is like all of ours in that struggle, journey, and redemption to make meaning out of life as she travels through the independence from her parents, careless substance usage, and finding that mission in life that provides meaning.
Thank you for stopping by “Chicano Highlites”, with your host “Robert “El Beto-man” Tijerina on the Radio Aztlan KUCR 88.3 FM ( The interview was recorded and broadcasted at the University of California, and rebroadcasted on the East LA ( internet radio for your convenience. This show was co-produced by Roberto Tijerina and Steven Chavez We thank you for your continued support and ask that you stop by again and check out the other features here on this music site. Recording Time 43m 16s

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Welcome to the East LA Revue Internet Radio and our rebroadcast of the “CRUISIN’ THRU MIDNITE SHOW” with our hosts “El Beto-Man” and “Lana La Chicana” of Radio Aztlan @ KUCR 88.3 FM broadcasting from the University of California, Riverside. This show was originally broadcast in the Fall of 2017and features a variety of Mariachi by Linda Ronstadt; Terri Espinoza; Ixta Herrera; Beatrice Andreas y mucho mas.
You can also catch the regular Radio Aztlan programs by internet every Friday evening from 5:30 PM until 7 AM Saturday. They offer a variety of music and genres with several segments. The shows are “live” Pacific North America Time and available on the internet @ The East LA Revue supports internet radio and supports the efforts and dedication of all the Radio Aztlan DJs and staff in their service to the university and the local community.
Thank you for logging on and we hope you return for more of our internet jukebox here at We encourage everyone to check-out the other DJ podcasts and our Vinyl Classics page. We appreciate your involvement on our site. Recording Time 1h 53m 33s

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