macs or mp3 player Interview with ALFRED ALVA on The East LA Revue Internet Radio.

(Bonus Track L.A Mission with Rosie Grier)

In Memory to Ray Cosio (RIP) the lead singer
Rosie Grier asked to join us on stage, The "cornerstone Salsa Band".Playing at a rescue mission in Los Angeles, Calif. 1990's
The best salvation prayer in the blues style! Ray Cosio (lead singer), Eddie Valanowith (Lead guitar), Charles Woody(bass), Alfred Alva(Drums).

Welcome to Chicano Highlights with your DJ/Host Roberto “El Beto-man” Tijerina. On this show, we are interviewing ALFRED ALVA. He is the Web Designer and Web Master for the East LA Revue Internet Radio as well as other local talent. They talk about his family’s background. About his life and work experiences. He gives us a message of HOPE, PROVIDENCE, and SERVICE.

We THANK YOU for stopping by the CHICANO HIGHLIGHTS podcast with your host Roberto “El Beto-man” Tijerina. Roberto can be heard on his weekly show at KUCR 88.3 FM Radio Aztlan and 24/7 at The East LA Revue Internet Radio. This show was produced by Alfred Alva, Roberto Tijerina and Steven Chavez. Alfred’s contact information is in the interview. Check it out!

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macs or mp3 player KOYOTE, the Blind June 2018 uploaded 6/6/18

Welcome to another installment of Chicano Highlites with El Beto-Man on KUCR 88.3fm/ & Koyote the Blind, Spiritual Leader Medicine Man/shaman has been teaching in Riverside, California for over fifteen years. Koyote is taught in the ancient Toltec Tradition to guide those in Spiritual questions regardless of religious affiliations. 
This interview was recorded at the KUCR Studio on Tuesday, April 18, 2018 at Noon.  The Spirits had us both where brown/khaki without telling either of us to do so but it is evident in the clothes & picture. And may the Spirit guide you through your journeys. 
Topics discussed: 1. Blind by what is silent & bright; 2. Exiled from El Salvador; 3. Tuberculosis (magical) attack saw a Vision; 4. Vision told him to seek out Medicine Man; 5. Xicoco Shamanic Arts Spiritual School in Riverside, California; 6. Xicoco in the Nahuatl language means beehive; 7. Dedicated group of about twenty; 8. The Toltec Tradition is a way of looking, seeing, and dreaming; 9. Preform sweat Lodges, guide individuals through Vision Quest, teach the art of dreaming, magical healing, voyage to other dimensions, and an oral tradition of “Telling.”; 10. Established a Medicine Wheel which allows to connect to true center; 11. To Walk the Wheel is open to all without preconditions except Respect; 12. Explains the expanse of the Spirit; and 13. Projection of the Spirit within the Dream State & how to navigate through the water of space
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